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Boom Shake 1.5 Update - Released

Received Approval of 1.5 Update from Apple.

Now, Boom Shake is featured with awesome Friends and Challenge modes.

The Friends menu is going to be a new way of communicating with your buddies. We give you prime features what messaging apps such as WhatsApp messenger have: the pushed chat service. The pushed chat service is made just like other messenger apps. It will let you to send and receive messages instantly through the push notification service with your friends. Check what your friends are up to. Check out their global ranking, find out what tabs they play and get ready to challenge them.

The new challenge feature will surely make you surprised, in a good way. Totally integrated with the new friends feature, the challenge mode will show you new ways to play games with your own buddies. You can compete scores with your friends and beat their rankings. Now if you’d like to play the game with more than 3 buddies, the group challenge feature will let you create even a group competition! The competition starts with 0 points, and invite your friends to compete with you on scores within the time limit you set.

To enjoy these new features, don't forget to turn on the push notification service for Boom Shake.

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