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What is Boom Shake?

‘Boom Shake’ was born to meet the users’ need for more dynamic experiences. We try to accomplish two key concepts in this game.

We tried to make a game method that users can enjoy more dynamic rhythmical experiences using touch screen.
We tried to make a game system that can play a variety of music that meets each user’s music taste.

As a result, we invented new ways to play a music game. In short, ‘Boom Shake’ can be defined as a rhythm action music game for iPhone with the capacity to play users’ own music library and turntable interfaces. Here are the details:

Instead of using taps, ‘Boom Shake’ simulates turntables by users’ gestures to play music game.
Users can make game tabs for their own favorite songs and post them into our system to share with other users.
“Boom Shake” introduces a market system that can accelerate users to share their self-made game data.


What is the key difference with other music games?

Gesture Recognition

We tried to develop the optimal way to enjoy rhythmic actions by observing hundreds of people’s way to enjoy music. As a result of the study, we concluded that the best method on the iPhone could be accomplished by acknowledging flicking gestures on the touch screen and snapping of the device. Thus we went on to create play methods such as:

    1Left/Right Finger Movements

    2Counter Clockwise and Clockwise Finger Movements

    3Snapping Devices Movements

These play methods made users enjoy optimal rhythmical experiences which were not possible with other music games.

Game Tab Market System

Personal interests in music genres vary for everyone. While there are trillions of songs in the world, there is no way for a company to create games for all of them. We thought creating a game tab market system was the answer to address diverse music tastes. “Boom Shakes” has a make mode, which makes it extremely easy to create a game tab for a song. When a game tab is created, ‘Boom Shake’ automatically judges its difficulty level and gets it ready to be uploaded. After the game chart is uploaded to the server, users may use their game money to download the tab, and the tab creator will get rewarded with a substantial amount of game money in return.


This feature allows users to make tabs for their own songs. There are a wide variety of songs and each person has different favorite music genres and artists. This game tries to meet the need for different interests people have when playing their own favorite music. What is interesting is that each person makes a different decision on recognizing what is the most important part or feature in a song; thus each makes a game tab that takes a different approach to a song.

This feature allows you to upload music and share it with the world. Those who upload self-made game tabs will get game money from those who download them. It is very important to maintain the quality of the tabs.. Therefore, in order to upload game tabs to the server, tab creators need to obey certain rules for quality assuring purposes:

    1Play keys have to be distributed throughout the entire song.

    2Reasonable amount of gaps have to exist between keys.

    3Need to maintain at least 0.4 keys per second.

Creators need to play their game tab at least once and pass with 80% of accuracy.

Tab Share & Users

Uploaded tabs are shared in the tab network. This feature allows people to download pre-made tabs for their favorite songs and give tab creators a chance to earn game money.

Average users can shop for game tabs using their game money and download them instantly from the tab network. The game tab shop makes it easy for users to find songs that they want. The shop has various sorted lists that are similar to the App Store interface so that users can easily access and use the tab store. The shop also allows users to select tabs by top/new lists, genres and searches.

For tab creators, the tab shop connects them directly to tab buyers. Buyers will rate and comment on game tabs and try to communicate with creators to make them do better jobs. If buyers do not like a tab, they will rate very low points for its creator to encourage making a better one.


Social Features & Challenge

New updated (1.5) friends and challenge feature will show you new way of playing music games.  With our unique social system, enjoy Boom Shake with your friends.  The friends menu will allows you to see your friend’s global ranking and played tabs, uploaded tabs, history of challenges.  Totally integrated with the new friends feature, the challenge mode will show you new ways to play games with your own buddies. You can compete scores with your friends and beat their rankings.



This game can serve as a useful marketing route for musicians. Each tab has a button directly linked to the iTunes Music Store. If a user want to play the song and doesn’t have it yet, he or she can easily click the button and buy the song or albums in order to play.



‘Boom Shake’ introduces new ways to enjoy various kinds of music on the iPhone. The gesture game play method is giving an innovative opportunity to enjoy music. This game also allows users to create their own game tabs. Furthermore, the game contains its own unique tab sharing system to encourage music owners to create their own game plays. Like a review from ‘’ said, “iPhone Gamers, it’s up to you to help make this great game reach it’s potential.”

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