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Boom Shake is the only game in the App Store that allows you to make your own games with your own songs, share them with others and even compete with others on game scores. This instruction set will show you how to enjoy this awesome game with more fun.

Terms used in Boom Shake

    • Tab: A game play chart made for a song.
    • Note: Gameplay direction
    • Boom: Game money you can use for purchasing tabs or items.
    • Exp: Experience point determines your level. The number of tabs you can make will be determined by experience point and number of uploaded tabs.
    • Challenge: Beat your friend’s top score on a tab. If you win the challenge, you’ll earn experience points to boost your level.


What makes you a great player


Objective 0: Understanding the Boom Shake system

We prepared extremely exciting systems for you. Here are few things that can help you to understand the system.

    AYou can play your own songs by using your gestures.

    BYou can download game tabs from the Tab Store made by numerous users.

    CYou can enjoy this game with your friends in the challenge mode.

    DYou can make your tabs for your own songs.

    EYou can upload your tabs and communicate with downloaders.


Objective 1: Play the Sample Song.

Play sample songs we provide you and learn how to play. Go to Play & Select and select a tab we provide you.

You can play the game by moving the turntable. Move the turntable left or right side when keys are on the red line. In case long keys pop up, do clockwise or counter clockwise circular move until the keys are complete. When the middle green keys appear, just snap your iPhone/iPod touch.

You can practice gestures in Help->How to Play Game menu.


Objective 2: Post Your Score

Post your scores and earn experience points. See Ranking from the view.

By posting scores, you’ll be eligible to join a monthly Top 100 Scorer contest and earn booms. The contest will end on the last day of the month.

You can check your ranking instantly on the tab store top scorer list or go to Friend menu and check posted rankings. If you’d like to see ranking for individual tabs, just select Ranking menu on the post game menu or go to Account -> Purchased List menu, then select the ranking button from a tab.


Objective 3: Rate or Comment on the Tab

Rating or comments are extremely important for other tab buyers. Leave comments in the post game menu and help others to make the right choice.

There is an advantage for leaving comments. If you make a first comment for a tab, you’ll get 7 Booms for appreciation.


Objective 4: Go to the tab Store and Download a Tab

The Tab Store is the most exciting feature in this game. Use your Booms and download a tab for a song you have. Remember, you have to have the song already in your library to play the corresponding tab you downloaded. Boom Shake can support unlimited songs through this way.

The Tab Store supports various purchasing mechanisms including top played / newly listed list and search functions. Do search for a song you have and download a pre-configured tab.


Objective 5: Play the Tab

Go to Play menu and select the tab you just downloaded. Another selection window will appear if your tab doesn’t exactly match the song you have. Select a song from the list or select a song from your library.

While playing the game, if you feel the timing isn’t best fit or it is off the beats, go to the game menu and select Adjust Timing to adjust the song you have. That way, you can manage to adjust the tab timing for your song.

You can also adjust timing or delete within Make Tabs menu.


Objective 6: Understanding Experience Points

You will get experience points while playing this game. Points are:

Post Score : score/5000
Each New Tab Rating : 10
Each New Tab Comments : 20
Each Friends : 20

Challenge Win : winning score / 2500
Challenge Defeated : -5
Challenge Win : 30

Tab Upload : 80
Your Tab Downloaded by Others (each) : 3

The experience points will determine your level. Each level ups will give you additional Booms.


Objective 7: Make a Tab & Upload

Making your own tabs is another way to enjoy this game for your own songs. Make your own tabs to fit your feelings and share your idea for the song to others.

The number of tabs you can make will be determined by your levels and uploaded tabs. Each upload will unlock you to make additional tabs. Each level up will give you another chance to make one additional tab.

When you are uploading your tabs, just make sure to make a tab that is valuable to others. You’ll see the list of such quality requirements when saving the tab. Also, uploading tabs will require you to submit the game play of the tab to ensure that you check your own tab.

Whenever others download your tab, we will give you 2 Booms. So, upload the tab and earn Booms. Make a portfolio of your tabs and let others buy your tabs.

Earned Booms will be calculated and reflected to your account everyday.
Your uploaded tabs can be deleted from servers when requirements are not met.


Objective 8: Add a Friend

Add a friend to join Boom Shake and share ranking data and most of all, enjoy the challenge mode. Friends menu will give you extreme fun that no other music games can give you. You can see your friends’ ranking and challenge to their scores.

You can post a twitter update or write on your Facebook wall to let people join with you.


Objective 9: Enjoy Challenge

Challenge your friends’ score. The challenge will give you extreme fun to compete with your friends. Go to Friends menu and check what tabs your friends are playing, get those tabs and challenge your friends on the score. Each challenge will have the time limit of 40 minutes.

If you get to be notified that your friends challenge you, go defend yourself by posting higher scores on the same tab.

You can have a large amount of experience points by winning the challenge or defending the challenge. So, make sure your friends are playing the game and earn experience points.

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